Greensky Bluegrass - Tuesday Letter CD

Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth produced this gem, and he writes: "Being in a touring band by definition means you're part cross-country driver, marathon runner, pack horse and prize fighter. The making of music is the fun and magical part. It helps if you're doing all of this with friends you know and trust. Kindred souls if you will. In the spring of '06 a group of kindred souls called Greensky Bluegrass invited me along for a week of fun, magic and hard work. The result is the wonderful record. It was recorded in a log cabin deep in the Manistee National Forest on the banks of the Pine River. Our surroundings are present in every song - the massive pine beams of the cabin, the wind howling from a spring snow squall, the bonfire we warmed ourselves around after days filled with so much music we were full up. And the river. Ever flowing and always singing.

But every great album starts with great songs and this record is no exception. Songs of hope, truth, loss, and love of family and friends are all here. Songs that will make you laugh, dance and think. And songs of grace. The great American writer Norman Maclean said, "All good things come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy." No folks, the life of a touring musician is not an easy one. But it's making records like this and being one of the kindred souls blessed to be a part of the magic that makes it all worth it."

01. Grow Bananas - Hoffman mp3
02. Runnin The Briars - Bont mp3
03. Tuesday Letter - Hoffman mp3
04. Bound To Ride - Traditional mp3
05. Broken highways - Bruzza mp3
06. Hoxeyville - Bruzza mp3
07. Bottle Dry - Bruzza/Hoffman mp3
08. Radio Blues - Bruzza mp3
09. No More Fun - Hoffman mp3
10. Tied Down - Hoffman mp3

Banjo - Michael Arlen Bont
Guitar & Percussion - Dave Bruzza
Bass & Cello - Michael Devol
Mandolin - Paul Hoffman

Released July 2006