Grateful Dead - The Golden Road 12 CD Box Set


Their live concerts broke all the rules -- band-sanctioned bootlegging, extended jams shunning conventional boundaries of time, converting venues to mini-communities long before festivals were status quo. With the October 16 release of GRATEFUL DEAD: THE GOLDEN ROAD (1965-1973), the Grateful Dead transcend their legend as one of the world's greatest live bands to reveal an extraordinary caliber of musicianship in the recording studio -- melding, absorbing, and recreating blues, jazz, folk, and rock into a musical journey unrivaled to this day.

Warner Bros., Rhino, and Grateful Dead Productions bring you a 15 1/2 hour musical journey from an American original, in a 12-CD box set that includes all nine essential Grateful Dead albums and seven hours of previously unreleased material from the infamous Grateful Dead vaults in Northern California. Each digitally remastered disc clocks in at nearly 79 1/2 minutes of music, with bonus tracks and rarities on every single one of the 12 CDs.

Co-producer James Austin, Rhino's Senior Director of A&R, boasts that THE GOLDEN ROAD contains rarities sure to amaze even the most ardent Dead Head: "The Dead have been lionized for their incredible live performances and vilified for their studio work," Austin states in the liner notes. "After sifting through hundreds of hours of released and rare recordings, I can say with confidence that in front of a crowd no one could touch them. But in the studio these guys were also gifted and more competent than anyone really knew.

"Recently, we discovered material edited from the songs included in their debut album. 'Good Morning Little School Girl,' for example, gets lopped off at 5:56. Included here for the first time is the extra 0:59 seconds of intense studio jamming. This is just one example of the extra highlights that coproducer David Lemieux and I have discovered."

Consider it a little piece of our stash, from us to you -- a magnificent collection in a spectacular custom box -- for following the Dead these past 35 extraordinary years.

With such historic and vital Warner Bros. releases as The Grateful Dead (debut album), Anthem Of The Sun, American Beauty, Workingman's Dead, History Of The Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear's Choice), Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses), Live/Dead, and Aoxomoxoa, the collection also includes the landmark Europe '72. Last but not least, GOLDEN ROAD features pre-Dead nuggets for a new double-disc collection, Birth Of The Dead, which overflows with vault rarities from the years when the Dead were known as The Warlocks as well as The Emergency Crew.

Witness the band's 1966 evolution from the radio-friendly lengths of "Can't Come Down" and Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Morning Rain" to the already potent live act responsible for the epic majesty of "Viola Lee Blues" to an extended version of "I'm A King Bee." Also, all the legendary gems and concert staples are now within fingertip's reach: "Casey Jones," "Uncle John's Band," "Dark Star," "Turn On Your Love Light," "Ripple," "Truckin," "St. Stephen," "Tennessee Jed," and more. Plus, get an earful of such previously unissued gems as an alternate mix of "New Speedway Boogie" and excerpts from the band's get-down brainstorms, crafting such timeless cuts as "The Eleven Jam," "Nobody's Spoonful Jam," and "Clementine Jam," plus live versions of "Cosmic Charlie," "Alligator," and "Feedback."

Each individual release includes fully restored artwork and its own 16-page booklet, all with intriguing, brand-new essays by such noted Deadologists as David Gans, Blair Jackson, Gary Lambert, Lenny Kaye, Dennis McNally, Hale Milgrim, Paul Nichols, Steve Silberman, and Owsley "Bear" Stanley. Longtime band publicist McNally also offers a hint of what to expect from his forthcoming Dead biography in the boxed set's separate 80-page book chronicling the band's history, complete with rare photos, reproductions of memorabilia, promotional campaigns, and a painstakingly detailed group discography.

Perhaps the most popular cult band in music history, The Grateful Dead's journey ignited during the psychedelic '60s, becoming a passageway to peace, love, and experimentation for devotees-as much a part of the experience as the band itself-and together they orbited outside the mainstream, creating a social and cultural phenomenon all their own.