Grateful Dead - Laughter, Love & Music (2CD)


If there was one band whose appearance at and support for the Bill Graham Memorial Concert - held in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on November 3rd 1991, just 8 days after Bill and his girlfriend, Melissa Gold, plus pilot Steve Kahn, were killed in a fatal helicopter accident - was not just assured but all but mandatory, it was The Grateful Dead. The Dead were scheduled to start a four-concert series at the Oakland Coliseum less than 48 hours after Graham's death and decided to honour his spirit by soldiering on. An hour before they went onstage the first night, Jerry, Bob and Mickey spoke at a press conference in the Coliseum and reflected fondly on their long relationship. "He's a large part of us," Garcia said. "We're carrying along some piece of him into the world and the future as we go along. So there's a certain part of his energy that's part of us; it's integral. And we're pretty determined to hang in there and cover for him." Though none of the performers were announced in advance, the rumour mill had been on overload all week with all the expected names being floated, top of the list however were Santana and The Dead, the two groups whose names were synonymous with Graham's. Some 300,000 people turned up on what became a beautiful, balmy fall day. Ironically, it was the largest show Bill Graham Presents - Bill's promotions company - had ever put on in the Bay Area. It featured quite a parade of stars. The Dead - joined mid set by John Fogerty for a few Creedence songs concluded with 'Sunshine Daydream' but two encores followed - a deeply affecting version of 'Forever Young' with Neil Young and then a bittersweet 'Touch of Grey'. The actual finale of the afternoon featured many of the artists who had performed getting onto the stage for a rousing and spirited 'Amazing Grace', ending a sad day during which emotions were clearly mixed, but one that had ultimately proven joyous and - as it had been tagged - one full of laughter, love and music.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

Tuning, Comments & Introduction
Hell In A Bucket
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Wang Dang Doodle
Born On The Bayou
Green River
Bad Moon Rising
Proud Mary
Disc 2:

The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sunshine Daydream
Forever Young
Touch Of Grey

Release date 05.04.2018