Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Nothing But The Water CD & DVD

This Vermont band's second album is a delicious dish of soulful roots, funk, rock, and blues-influenced styles. Recorded on the campus of Vermont's infamous Goddard College, the disc has a warm vibe that harkens back to the vinyl grooves of the 60's and 70's. At times Potter sings softly through lush, sassy verses and at others she wails through foot-stomping jams.

Features a bonus DVD with 5 live performances!

1- Toothbrush And My Table mp3
2- Some Kind Of Ride mp3
3- Ragged Company mp3
4- Left Behind mp3
5- Treat Me Right mp3
6- Sweet Hands mp3
7- Joey mp3
8- 2:22 mp3
9- All But One mp3
10- Below The Beams mp3
11- Nothing But The Water I mp3
12- Nothing But The Water II mp3

DVD Performances: Joey - Here's To The Meantime - Left Behind - Over Again - Nothing But The Water