Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers - Souldiggin' CD

An exciting and energetic live performance recorded at their long standing St Andrews Hotel residency in Melbourne, Australia. Geoff Achison has a reputation as a guitarist's guitarist. Having taught himself to play in the isolation of rural Australia, he has developed a blues/funk style all his own that can be delicate one moment and explosive the next. Unaware of how the sounds he was hearing on his limited record collection were produced, he invented some of his own techniques - without the aid of pedals or gadgets. As a result, watching this guy wrench sounds from his simple set-up can be something of a spectacle.

Geoff also possesses a soulful voice that has evoked favorable comparisons to Joe Cocker or Warren Haynes. An award winning songwriter to boot, Geoff's live set features an infectious mix of catchy original tunes, improvised jamming and inspired versions of blues & soul classics. As heard here, the live show is a dizzying experience!

Tell Me Something I Don't Know mp3
Kerry Lou mp3
Take What You Can Get mp3
Sugar Sweet mp3
Reason To Live mp3
Stepping Stones mp3
Hotel mp3
If The Washing Don't Get You The Rinsing Will mp3

Released 2007