Garage A Trois - Outre Mer CD

One of the most astounding quartets ever assembled is back with their second album, a soundtrack to the French film Outre Mer. While the film may linger in obscurity forever due to release problems, that same fate should not befall this most unique soundtrack. The uber-funky, vibraphone-ringed groove atmospherics of this disc were concocted live in the studio and completely "acoustic," with minimal production. Garage a Trois' soundtrack weaves a brilliant tapestry on a par with director Klaus Tontine's stirring cinematic imagery. Like the film's resourceful protagonist, the four players aim every ounce of their own individual and collective energies at creative excellence. The resulting recording--which synthesizes a variety of world music sensibilities--never falls short.

Mike Dillon - Percussion and Vibraphone
Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar and pandero
Stanton Moore - Drums and Polyrhythms
Skerik - Saxophonist

1- Outre Mer mp3
2- Bear No Hair mp3
3- The Machine mp3
4- Etienne mp3
5- Merpati mp3
6- The Dream mp3
7- Antoine mp3
8- Circus mp3
9- Needles mp3
10- The Dwarf mp3
11- Amanjiwo mp3

Oh yeah...there is no film called "Outre Mer"'s all an elaborate ruse. The music begs for celluloid though.