Freekbass - Junkyard Waltz CD


Junkyard Waltz is the first studio release from Freekbass in almost 5 years. The album took nearly 4 years to complete due to the band's heavy touring schedule, but the Bootsy Collins-produced disc is finally here! Guests on the album include Buckethead, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Mike Gordon, Jen Durkin, and Gary "Mudbone" Cooper.

Freekbass provides the glue for each collaboration with his signature bass playing and vocals. The title track features Mike Gordon and Freekbass dueling on the 4-strings - all bass, no guitars!

Get It Go 3:09 mp3 sample
Big Bang Bionic 3:37 mp3 sample
Junkyard Waltz 5:10 mp3 sample
Higher 3:50 mp3 sample
TV In My Head 4:27 mp3 sample
Pretty Heavy Balance 3:06 mp3 sample
X-Ray Vision 4:11 mp3 sample
Ghost of Temptation 6:11 mp3 sample
Critical Condition 3:25
Body Good 3:03
Twilight Zone 6:19

Released October 28, 2008