Fela Kuti - The Best of The Black President CD

Fela Kuti is generally considered to be the inventor of Afrobeat, a propulsive, highly danceable music that borrows from American soul, R&B, funk, and jazz, but is deeply rooted in traditional African folk as well. This superior, two-disc compilation collects material from across the Nigerian performer's stunning career, beginning with a handful of recordings from 1972 and continuing up to 1989. Funky, passionate, and technically precise, yet free-spirited and given to extensive improvisation, Fela's music runs on webs of percolating percussion, bobbing bass, wiry funk guitar, cacophonous and sultry horns, and call-and-response choruses. In addition to being a musical visionary, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Fela was also a fiercely political figure. A socialist and revolutionary, Fela protested oppression in all its forms, touching on everything from police brutality to Pan-African identity, and this collection provides a sampler of these themes. This set is nearly unbeatable as an introduction to the irresistible power of this world-music icon.

1. Lady mp3
2. Shakara mp3
3. Gentlemen - (edit version) mp3
4. Water No Get Enemy - (edit version) mp3
5. Zombie mp3
6. Sorrow Tears And Blood mp3
7. No Agreement Part 2 mp3

1. Roforofo Fight
2. Shuffering And Shmiling Part 2
3. Coffin For Head Of State Part 2
4. ITT - (part 2)
5. Army Arrangement Part 2
6. Odoo - (edit version)