Electric Apricot - Quest For Festeroo Soundtrack


Longtime Les Claypool fans can attest that in the early days of Primus, their wild and wacky leader was all about succinct, punk-funk freak-outs, with the odd detour jam. But past a certain point (say, the mid- to late '90s), Claypool made his appreciation of such acts as the Grateful Dead very well known, as jamming seemed to become the most important ingredient of any of the projects he was a part of. Following in the footsteps of such mockumentaries as This Is Spinal Tap, Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo is a soundtrack for the film that shares the same name, which serves as the directorial and acting debut by Claypool. The story follows a fictitious band as they record their debut album, and "head for the Holy Grail of music festivals, Festeroo." As expected, the songs on the soundtrack are loose and jam-heavy, especially the tunes credited to Electric Apricot ("Sugar Train Blues," "Uncle Pete's Party," etc.). Also included are tracks featuring such real-life rock veterans as Michael Franti ("Everybody Ona Move"), Warren Haynes ("Time to Confess"), the Dead's Bob Weir ("Playing in the Band") and the late, great Jerry Garcia (who is paired with David Grisman on "Shady Grove").

1 Hey Are You Going to Burning Man? (Electric Apricot) - 7:48 mp3
2 Backroads of My Mind (Electric Apricot) - 4:15 mp3
3 Uncle Pete's Party (Electric Apricot) - 7:38 mp3
4 Sugar Train Blues (Electric Apricot) - 6:33 mp3
5 Fishing Blues (Henry Thomas) - 2:44 mp3
6 Playing in the Band (Bob Weir) - 7:40 mp3
7 Time to Confess (Gov't Mule) - 5:47 mp3
8 Shady Grove (Jerry Garcia & David Grisman) - 4:22 mp3
9 Dire Wolf (Stiff Dead Cat) - 3:15
10 Everybody Ona Move (Michael Franti & Spearhead) - 5:49
11 Calling All Sandworms (Larry LaLonde) - 3:22
12 Yog Sagoff [Live] (Electric Apricot) - 19:47

Released 3/18/08