Edgar Meyer with Bela Fleck and Mike Marshall - Uncommon Ritual CD

Three of the most amazing instrumentalists walking join for this cerebral outing, which incorporates classical, bluegrass, fusion, and avant-garde music. A master instrumentalist and chameleon of styles, Edgar Meyer has established himself as a vibrant performer and an innovative composer in a variety of arenas from classical to bluegrass. His virtuosity and musicianship inspired critics to call him, "quite simply, the best bassist alive." The irresistable meeting of these three musical masters on Uncommon Ritual is an eye-opening experience that will amaze lovers of all musical styles.

1. Uncommon Ritual mp3
2. Seesaw mp3
3. Sliding Down mp3
4. Chromium Picolinate mp3
5. Contramonkey mp3
6. Chance Meeting mp3
7. Zigeunerweisen mp3
8. Travis mp3
9. Old Tyme mp3
10. Contrapunctus XIII From 'The Art Of The Fugue' mp3
11. Third Movement From 'Amalgamations For Solo Bass' mp3
12. By The River mp3
13. Big Country mp3
14. Barnyard Disturbance
15. In The Garden
16. Child's Play
17. The Big Cheese

Released September 1997