Doc Watson Family - Tradition CD

This album is not a showcase for Doc Watson...indeed, it offers a rather modest sample of his skills. What it sets out to do is implicit in its title, that is, to give a view of the kind of tradition, local and family, on which the musical culture of a great rural popular entertainer is founded. The album is a document, then, but it's a pleasurable as it is instructive. Featuring Doc's family members Gaither Carlton, Merle Watson, Dolly Greer, Rosa Lee Watson, Arnold Watson, and Tina Greer, Tradition offers up 24 folk, old-time dance, and fiddle tunes, each of which holds significance to the family and in history.

"The old-time fiddle tunes and ballads, there's never been anything prettier, nor ever will be." - Doc Watson
1. Georgie mp3
2. Fish In The Mill Pond mp3
3. Julie Jenkins mp3
4. Hushabye mp3
5. Baa Nanny Black Sheep mp3
6. Sheepy And The Goat mp3
7. I Heard My Mother Weeping mp3
8. Reuben's Train mp3
9. Biscuits mp3
10. Tucker's Barn mp3
11. Give The Fiddler A Dream mp3
12. And Am I Born To Die? mp3
13. Marthy, Won't You Have Some Good Old Cider 14. A-Roving On A Winter's Night 15. Arnold's Tune 16. Pretty Saro 17. Early, Early In The Spring 18. Little Maggie 19. Bill Banks 20. Rambling Hobo 21. One Morning In May 22. The Faithful Soldier 23. Omie Wise 24. Jimmy Sutton