Dickey Betts - Bougainvillea's Call: The Very Best of 1973-1988

Mention the name Dickey Betts and the words "no introduction necessary" come to mind. Raven Records presents Bougainvillea's Call: The Very Best Of Dickey Betts 1973-1988, 17 tracks and 77 minutes of powerful, emotional music and truly astonishing guitar playing and singing. Best known for his work with the legendary Allman Brothers Band, Betts also pursued a productive and successful solo career. This multi-label collection, culled from four solo albums, two compilation sets and the Allman Brothers' classic "Ramblin' Man" is a 'must-have' for any fan of Southern roots music. From the unique blend of country and bluegrass of his debut, Highway Call (1974), through the loose bluesy drive and sure-footed country-rock of Dickey Betts & Great Southern (1977) and the deep-fired Southern boogie and New Orleans soul-rock of "Atlanta's Burning Down" (1978) on to the blistering guitar attack of "Pattern Disruptive" (1988), this remarkable multi-label compilation displays Betts at his absolute best. Throughout, his guitar playing is the main attraction: ringing and biting, yet always melodic, soulful and heartfelt.

1. Long Time Gone mp3
2. Rain mp3
3. Highway Call mp3
4. Let Nature Sing mp3
5. Ramblin' Man mp3
6. No Hard Times (Live) mp3
7. Out To Get Me mp3
8. Run Gypsy Run mp3
9. Sweet Virginia mp3
10. Bougainvillea mp3
11. Sweet Mama (Live) mp3
12. Atlanta's Burning Down mp3
13. Leavin' Me Again mp3
14. Back On The Road Again mp3
15. Dealin' With The Devil mp3
16. Rock Bottom mp3
17. Duane's Tunemp3

Released August 29, 2006