David Grisman & Andy Statman - Songs Of Our Fathers CD

The first installment in Grisman & Statman's devotional interpretations of classic Jewish songs and melodies, followed by 2006's New Shabbos Waltz. With help from Enrique Coria, Hal Blaine, Edgar Meyer, and more, Grisman and Statman find common ground on this 1995 release. Both are mandolinists, and on this album of seven traditional klezmer tunes, four Shlomo Carlebach compositions, and one Statman original, Statman challenges Grisman to play up to the tradition's standards, while Grisman challenges Statman to push the tradition's envelope.

1. Shalom Aleichem mp3
2. Chassidic Medley: Adir Hu/Moshe Emes mp3
3. Shomer Yisrael mp3
4. Toska mp3
5. Bashie's Bounce mp3
6. Dovid Melech Yisrael mp3
7. Shabbos Waltz mp3
8. For The Sake Of My Brothers And Friends mp3
9. Der Rebbe mp3
10. Adon Olam mp3
11. Kazatski mp3
12. Shalom Aleichem mp3