Darol Anger's Republic Of Strings - Generation Nation CD

Darol Anger's multi-generational group is the workshop, proving ground, and delerious celebration of Anger's remarkable 30-year career. The Republic of Strings introduces some of the best young string players in a quartet infused with Anger's well-known virtuosity and sense of fun.

Drawing from a dazzling array of sources, from Ornette Coleman to Aretha Franklin and the group's own intrinsic influences, this disc documents an unprecedented intergenerational exchange with compelling musical textures, elegant solos, and a stunningly diverse group of guests.

Features Tristan Clarridge, Aoife O'Donovan, Rushad Eggleston, Brittany Haas, Scott Nygaard, Chris Webster, and many more.

1- When You Go mp3
2- Polska Upstairs mp3
3- Chain Of Fools mp3
4- The Ramblin' Barber mp3
5- Father Adieu mp3
6- The Seagull/Bay Day mp3
7- In The Basement mp3
8- Lady Hamilton mp3
9- Bluebird mp3
10- You Noticed Too mp3
11- Rain Dance mp3
12- The Tan Hut mp3

Released 4/4/06