Dark Water Rising CD

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Just as the deep, dark waters of the Lumber River ebb and flow along the banks of North Carolina, so does the music created by Dark Water Rising. As a 6 piece ensemble, each member of DWR brings a bit of character and deep-rooted soul to create a fresh, organic sound; one that fits indiscernibly into to a single genre alone.

Dark Water Rising takes the listener on an adventure through life with their debut album, "Dark Water Rising". With youth and wisdom on their side, DWR has witnessed the powerful effect of their music on people of all ages.

Driven by the rocking rhythms of Aaron Locklear (drums) and Eric Locklear (bass guitar), the music lends itself and the open floor for anyone willing to let go and spread the energy. As lead guitarist, Corey Locklear graces each of DWR's songs with passionate, carefully pieced lines and melodies. Described as the "bread and butter" of Dark Water Rising, Ms. Charly Lowry (rhythm guitar/vocals), Ms. Ciera-Dial Locklear (keys/vocals) and Ms. Brittany Jacobs (saxophone/percussion/vocals) grab the lyrics by the horns and deliver with soul, truth, and harmony.

If you want a listening experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, check out "Dark Water Rising". The music is different- in a good way.

Track List:
1. Opening Ceremony listen
2. Over My Son listen
3. Find Away listen
4. Hooked listen
5. BrownSkin listen
6. Same Old Thing listen
7. Love's Mystery listen
8. What About Us listen
9. Close to Me listen
10. Subject to Change listen

Released in 2010