Cream - Western Tour 1968 CD


Legendary FM live recordings from the supergroup CREAM, recorded during their US Western tour in San Diego, Oakland and Inglewood in 1968.

Track Listing

White Room (1968-10-20 San Diego)
Politician (1968-10-20 San Diego)
I'm So Glad (1968-10-20 San Diego)
Sitting On Top Of The World (1968-10-20 San Diego)
Sunshine Of Your Love (1968-10-04 Oakland)

Crossroads (1968-10-20 San Diego)
Traintime (1968-10-19 Inglewood)
Toad (1968-10-19 Inglewood)
Spoonful (1968-10-19 Inglewood)

Release date 1.18.2019