Corey Harris - Zion Crossroads CD


You knew Corey wasn't going to stay in one place, and Zion Crossroads serves as his next huge leap. Inspired and informed by his travels to various parts of Africa over the past decade, the album captures some of the most enduring elements of African-American music - blues, reggae, soul and so much more - and infuses them with a sense of history, social consciousness and spirituality. Harris gets help on the path to Zion Crossroads from producer Michael G, the guitarist and co-founder of Easy Star All-Stars, the New York-based reggae collective that crafted Dub Side of the Moon (2003) and Radiodread (2006). Like Harris, he sees the project as a powerful convergence of style, vision, history and culture: "The marriage of Corey's socially conscious lyrics and the revolutionary sounds of reggae make for a potent musical cocktail that arouses the body, mind, and spirit."

1. Ark of the Covenant 3:40
2. No Peace for the Wicked 4:13
3. Heathen Rage 4:32
4. Sweatshop 3:57
5. In the Morning 5:23
6. Fire Go Come 3:48
7. Walter Rodney Intro 0:47
8. Walter Rodney 4:05
9. Afrique (Chez Moi) 3:16
10. Cleanliness 4:39
11. Plantation Town 4:00
12. You Never Know 4:20
13. Keep Your Culture 3:56

Released July 2007