Corey Harris - Greens From The Garden CD


Like many younger blues artists, guitarist and singer Corey Harris mixes and blends different styles, instead of sticking to just one. What speaks to his considerable skill as a musician is how well it works. On Greens from the Garden, he roves between the Delta and Cajun country, contrasting the solid, slow blues of "Honeysuckle" with the upbeat, waltz-time "Pas Parles." A definite highlight is "Lynch Blues," which features a great guitar intro backed by a drum roll as smooth as water poured on the drumhead. Between songs lurk bits of percussion, snippets of monologue and conversation; this, coupled with the generally upbeat feel of the album, leaves the listener with the impression of a really good party captured on CD. Thanks to the miracle of modern recording technology, we're all invited.

1. Introduction To The Greens 0:48
2. Basehead 4:41
3. Honeysuckle 4:23
4. Tapado 0:39
5. Eh La Bas 5:50
6. Interlude 0:40
7. Wild West 4:04
8. In The Kitchen With Momma 0:22
9. Sweet Black Angel 4:08
10. Pas Parlez 4:30
11. Interlude 0:13
12. Lynch Blues 6:16
13. Greens Back In The Day 1:20
14. Congo Square Rag (Live) 1:44
15. Diddy Wah Diddy 2:31
16. Ites 1:14
17. Just A Closer Walk With Thee 5:56
18. Nola Rag 4:56
19. Epilogue 0:49
20. Teabag Blues 4:59

Released March 1999