Christian McBride - Live At Tonic (3 CDs)

The boss of the bass is back with his Ropeadope debut - A 3 CD set for the low price of $18.00!

Documenting two nights at NYC's fabled Tonic, the first set of both nights catches the Christian McBride Band at it's best - the all-star ensemble that has been behind (or in front of) the leader for most of this century, tearing through the McBride songbook. The second sets both feature Christian completely improvising every note of every song with special guests including Charlie Hunter (guitar), Jason Moran (keys), Jenny Schienman (violin), DJ Logic (turntables), Eric Krasno (guitars), Scatch (Beatbox) and many more.

Disc 1:
1. Technicolor Nightmare mp3
2. Say Something mp3
3. Clerow's Flipped mp3
4. Lejos De Usted mp3
5. Sonic Tonic mp3
6. Hibiscus mp3
7. Sitting On A Cloud mp3
8. Boogie Woogie Waltz mp3

Disc 2:
1. See Jam, Hear Jam, Feel Jam
2. Out Jam/Give It Up Or Turint Loose
3. Lower East Side/Rock Jam
4. Hemisphere Jam
5. Bitches Brew
6. Out Jam/Via Mwandishi
7. Mwandishi Outcome Jam
8. The Comedown (LSD Jam)

Disc 3:
1. E Jam
2. Ab Minor Jam
3. D Shuffle Jam
4. D Shuffle Jam

Released 6/13/06