Chris Thile - Stealing Second CD

From the beautiful hymn without words ("Kneel Before Him") to the Irish-flavored baseball tribute ("Road to Wrigley"), this collection of 14 original tunes from then-16 year old Thile, helmed by bluegrass great Sam Bush, amplifies his talent, both as a mandolinist and a songwriter. All instrumental tunes, they are inspired by his greatest loves: bluegrass (the crackerjack old-timey sounding "Bittersweet Reel"), Star Wars (the melancholy "Alderaanian Melody" to mourn Princess Leia's homeworld) and baseball (the fast-paced title track and "Ryno's Lament"). As the title indicates, "Hyperdrive" takes you out of this world with its breakneck speed and clever phrasing, with David Grier contributing some nice guitar work. Besides Grier, the roster is like a who's-who of bluegrass: Russ Barenberg, Jerry Douglas, Scott Vestal, and Alison Brown. Despite his age, his playing is both sophisticated and exploratory as he brings in jazz, folk and other influences to broaden his bluegrass excursions. I'd say watch out for this guy in the future, but it's too late. He's already here and a major force in the world of bluegrass.

Track List:
1- Ah Spring
2- Stealing Second
3- Kneel Before Him
4- Bittersweet Reel
5- Alderaanian Melody
6- Hyperdrive
7- Leaves Fall
8- A Night In Mos Eisley
9- Hop The Fence
10- The Game Is Afoot
11- Clear The Tracks
12- Golden Pond
13- Roiad To Wrigley
14- Ryno's Lament