Caravan of Thieves - Funhouse CD

Channeling pop bliss through their trademark lock-tight, turn-of-the-century, bang out a beat on anything that can take it approach, The Funhouse, (operative word: fun) which is soon-to-be-released on United For Opportunity, is exemplary of a band on the high road to musical perfection. The listener closes their eyes and can taste the bacchanalia and join the fete. Tunes like "Raise The Dead," the record's single, drive the point home with impressive lift, powered by soaring crescendos and inspired gang vocals, not to mention a lyric that invites the deceased to join in the fun. "Mexico" is a dark road ramble that will, at the very least, make you wanna dance around the room, if not run off yourself. "Candy" betrays the writer's addiction to the sweet confections that sounds like Vaudeville, but feels like The Beatles' "Savoy Truffle." And on it goes, the perfect soundtrack for your trip through the tunnel and into the light. If this album can't raise the dead, nothing will.

Features Fuzz from Deep Banana Blackout and Big Fuzz!

Release date 02.28.2012