Capleton - Reign Of Fire CD

The passion in Capleton's music resonates with the youth of Jamaica. His influence is seen in the popularity of the phrase "more fire" that took a life of it's own with fans of the music and Jamaican culture in general. In 2003 and 2004 Capleton released a number of top hits in jamaica and heated up demand for this new album. Reign Of Fire is a mixture of those core hits and newly recorded material.

1. Jah Is My Everything mp3
2. That Day Will Come mp3
3. Wise Up People mp3
4. Or Wah mp3
5. Real Hot mp3
6. Ton Load mp3
7. Steppin' Up mp3
8. Never Share (Burn Dem) mp3
9. Undeniable mp3
10. Sunshine Girl mp3
11. In Her Heart mp3
12. Who Yuh Callin' Nigga mp3
13. Open Your Eyes mp3
14. Leaders Let The People Down mp3
15. All My Life mp3
16. Standing Ovation17. Remember The Days18. Fire Haffi Burn19. Jah By My Side20. Number One Song