Built to Spill - Ancient Melodies of the Future CD

Ancient Melodies of the Future, keeping with its paradoxical title, is one of the most confusing Built to Spill albums. The band's noisy, expansive sound is buffered in favor of a simpler approach dotted with psychedelic touches here and there. No BTS album sounds like another BTS album, but Ancient Melodies of the Future is a stunning glimpse into just how dynaming Doug Martsch and BTS can be.

1. Strange 3:59 mp3
2. The Host 3:55 mp3
3. In Your Mind 3:46 mp3
4. Alarmed 5:06 mp3
5. Trimmed And Burning 4:19 mp3
6. Happiness 3:40 mp3
7. Don't Try 3:16 mp3
8. You Are 3:50 mp3
9. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss 2:44
10. The Weather 4:34

Released July 2001