Buckethead - Electric Tears CD

On his eighth solo album, the mysterious, gifted guitar shredder and horror-movie fanatic forgoes all loud noises on a spiritual path to find his inner Buckethead. Electric Tears is a New Age mix of slow, meditative soloing and soft acoustic guitars-including a stately, flamenco-styled ode to jazz great Miles Davis-that's light on effects but heavy on atmosphere. This must be what guitar gods listen to when they go to sleep at night.
--Guitar World, January '03

"Whether pursuing meditative melodies or chasing herds of wild mustangs across the prairie, Buckethead creates gripping sonic excursions that invigorate as they pacify. The highs are ecstatic, scraping the ceiling of the sky to peer into heaven's mysteries. The valleys are serene and sensorial, exposing vital emotions that every human being can fathom. This music is masterful in its ability to reach past the strongest pessimism and soften the cynic with inspired confidence."
--Sonic Curiosity, January '03

"...Buckethead plays in many styles at a ridiculously adept level. With playing reminiscent of - are you ready for this? - Levi Chen, John McLaughlin, Michael Brook, Chaquiro, Clapton, Hendrix, Reinhardt, the late great Roy Buchanan, a bit of Beck and ample classical motifs, all at a notch or two above & beyond, this is a guitar lovers dream. Besides the technical skills, there is a lot of emotion and feeling here, & 13 lucky tracks to explore, marvel at, and spread the word about."
--Common Ground, Winter '03

1- All In the Waiting mp3
2- Sketches Of Spain mp3
3- Padmasana mp3
4- Mustang mp3
5- The Way To Heaven mp3
6- Baptism of Solitude mp3
7- Kansas Storm mp3
8- Datura mp3
9- Mantaray mp3
10- Witches On The Heath mp3
11- Angel Monster mp3
12- Electric Tears mp3
13- Spell of The Gypsies mp3