Brute - Co-Balt CD

Two of Athens, Georgia's most respected musical forces, Vic Chesnutt andWidespread Panic, comprise the powerhouse that is Brute. Chesnutt andWidespread Panic came together in the fall of 1993 to begin recording whatwould be the debut Brute disc, "Nine High A Pallet", which was released inthe fall of 1995 on Capricorn Records. This new collaboration, "CO-BALT",like "Nine High A Pallet", was recorded in John Keane's home studio over anamazingly short three days in January of 2001, while Widespread Panic was ona break from recording the Sanctuary Records release, "Don't Tell The Band".The eleven tracks include trademark Vic Chesnutt originals like 'ExpirationDay', "Adirondacks', 'Morally Challanged', and 'Puppy Sleeps', co-writtenwith Dave Schools. "CO-BALT" shows Brute at its finest with powerful, darklywitty lyrics and unbelievable musicianship. The record is more mature andfocused, bringing Vic's songwriting to its pinnacle. CO-BALT is theconsummate Brute disc.

1- You Got it All Wrong
2- Expiration Day
3- Adirondacks
4- You're With Me Now
5- Scholarship
6- Cutty Sark
7- Morally Challenged
8- No Thanks
9- Puppy Sleeps
10- All Kinds
11- Cobalt Blue