Bootsy Collins - The Official-Boot-Legged-Bootsy-CD

Bootsy Collins goes back to some of his earlier classic's and does a face lift, by surgically removing body fat and re sculpting sounds with modern day Pro-Fools and Lip-o-Suction=fancy organ, lyric's and raps, by his New Artist, with names like: DJizzle, iCandi, ZionPlanet10, Thee-Ram-Jam, Silly Hands of Tobotius the Master Wax Manipulator, but then Buckethead shows up on a re-make, along with MC-Danny Ray from the James Brown cape master himself. FatboySlim makes a time travel across the himosphere.By way of the great Bernie Worrell, which may be the most masterful piece of peace's in a piano-tarion world, he somehow comes together so to speak, I don't think Bootsy or him are gay, but they sure have been talking and acting strange for a long period of time, not to mention the Catfish, Bootsy's older brother, he kinda just came in on the session's and demanded that he play on all the session and refused to be paid, we knew then that he was longview material then, but the law was called and they had him arrested.

So now you have "The Official-Boot-Legged-Bootsy-CD" a CD that try's to answer the question? What's it all about Alfie, and the P ain't heavy, I think it's a Mutha.

Track list:
1.You Ain't No Accident (You R On Purpose) feat. MC Danny Ray listen
2.That's Right! James Brown Tight!! feat DJizzle & Bobby Byrd listen
3.Buckethead Meets Bootsy N Da Slammer! feat. Buckethead listen
4.The Groovement Has Begun! feat. O & U listen
5.Moma's Love 4 Ever! feat. Casper da Funk Star listen
6.Thee Ram Da Grand Slam (U Cain't Funk D) listen
7.Red White and Bleached Git a Brotha Off Da Streets! feat. FatBoySlim listen
8.Strugglin' N Da Tulips feat. SweetLipps & PumpkinPie listen
9.Matt Mauphin & the Soliders feat: DJizzile, iCandi & more listen
10.Kool Silly Hands feat: Tobotius- the Master Wax Manipulator, Sugar bear, Baby K, & Swedish Lipps listen
11.She Deep & Juicy! feat: Jiffona & Poppin' Fresh Doe listen
12.Da Devils Playground? feat: Crazy Guy from NY, & Tha' Math-O-Logical Liar listen
13.I Can Pee N Da Dark & Not Git Wet feat: Battered Biscuits & JellyCream listen