Bonnie Raitt - The Lost Broadcast CD


In the early to mid 1970s Philadelphia's Radio WMMR broadcast numerous live broadcasts by a range of then up and coming talents. Springsteen and the ESB had an early show on the station, as did Billy Joel, Jackson Browne and many others cut from a similar cloth. One of its most celebrated performances however, and the one still most requested for re-broadcast, was Bonnie Raitt's 1972 Sigma Sound Studios gig. Bonnie was only 22 at the time and was just starting her career - one that would go on to take in nine Grammy awards, fifteen studio albums (and counting) and millions of record sales. However, given that most of her commercial success arrived later in her career, this show remains a fascinating glimpse of just how at ease and confident a performer this young woman was - even when belting out the most risque dirty' blues such as the opening cut here, composed and originally performed by the ever outrageous black female blues singer Sippie Wallace. With the complete broadcast of fifteen songs included in this package, featuring three self penned numbers - among which the otherwise unreleased and hugely sought after 'Blender Blues' is an absolute gem - plus a dozen tunes from writers as diverse as Stephen Stills, Muddy Waters, Steve Winwood and Robert Johnson, this most enjoyable live date can now be relived to full, astonishing effect. Performed in front of a small audience of less than 100 people, showcasing many tracks from Bonnie's first two records [the gig was performed between her debut and sophomore albums], this belated release will prove a sheer delight to the hundreds of thousands of fans still flying the flag for the woman who was once heard to comment; 'I think my fans will follow me into our combined old age. Real musicians and real fans stay together for a long, long time.

Track Listing

Mighty Tight Woman

Rollin' & Tumblin'

Any Day Woman

Woman Be Wise

Thank You


Finest Lovin' Man

Big Road

Stayed Too Long At The Fair

Under The Falling Sky

Walkin' Blues

Can't Find My Way Home

Richland Woman Blues

Blender Blues

Since I Fell For You

Release date 11.6.20