Bonerama - March 26, 2008 - Iowa City Yacht Club (2 CDs)


*Reduced from 19.99*

In March 23rd, 2008, the Bonerama ship set sail from Taos, NM bound for the Iowa City Yacht Club. As they crossed Nebraska, pirates attacked! After an opening set by Chinese Fingertrap, the Iowa City Yacht Club welcomed Bonerama and it's ship of fools to their fine port. The opening minute of the "bonerized" Thelonius Monk classic Epistrophy is soaking wet, but gets it's land legs pretty quick before diving back into The Ocean. After the flood receded, Craig Klein pointed out that we "Lost [Our] House," but at least we've still got our Rugalator. Chilcock was something solid to stand on, but Folly took everyone back to the beach for some fun in the sun. While on land, the band instructed every one to Hang Up The Phone And Drive due to the overwhelming amount of Crosstown Traffic. They stopped off to say hello to Louie at Louie's Perch before launching into the always excellent Meters Medley. After teasing the crowd with the rare short version of Frankenstein, the dock hands and ship-yard mates of the Iowa City Yacht Club gave it up hard, hard, hard for Bonerama which encouraged them to play a double encore. When My Dreamboat Comes Home kept the nautical theme going until it was time to pull up the anchor and sail on to Christiania. Overall, Iowa City is a fine port.


Epistrophy (6:58) listen
The Ocean (4:34) listen
Lost My House (But I Got My Rugalator) (9:09) listen
Chilcock (8:19) listen
Folly (8:47) listen
Bap Bap (9:11) listen
Hard Times (4:41) listen
Sprung Monkey (8:36) listen

Hang Up The Phone And Drive (3:53) listen
Crosstown Traffic (9:10) listen
Louie's Perch (8:20) listen
Meters Medley (12:35) listen
Frankenstein (4:11) listen

When My Dreamboat Comes Home (6:55) listen
Christiania (8:04) listen