Black Crowes - A Texan Tornado: Radio Broadcast 1993 CD


The Band Perform Songs From Their First Two Albums In This Legendary 1993 Broadcast

A free concert given on 6th February 1993 by The Black Crowes at The Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas - the last gig ever played at the venue (which was pulled down shortly afterwards) - was broadcast live to the greater Houston area by local FM Radio and syndicated across many other parts of the US. Fans of the band have often highlighted this gig as among the best the Crowes ever played and recordings have emerged from the radio broadcast that have been traded amongst collectors for many years, reaching near legendary status. This show was performed as part of the Black Crowes' High as the Moon Tour in 1993, between the release of the albums The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion in 1992 and Amorica in '94 - indeed the group feature no less than six of that record's 10 cuts during this show's tenure. This was the Crowes' most successful and creative period.

Track Listing

  1. No Speak No Slave
  2. Sting Me
  3. My Morning Song
  4. Thorn in My Pride
  5. Twice as Hard
  6. Black Moon Creeping
  7. Thick N' Thin
  8. Hotel Illness
  9. Stare It Cold
  10. Sometimes Salvation
  11. Jealous Again
  12. Remedy