Billy Nershi and Liza Oxnard - It's About Time CD

For those of you not familiar with the history, before Billy Nershi (The String Cheese Incident) and Liza Oxnard (Zuba) ever hit the road as part of their respective successful nationally touring bands, the two were friends and musical collaborators in the small town of Telluride, Colorado. Having both moved to the mountains in early 90's to experience high alpine nature and culture, they discovered that the Rockies provided powerful inspiration for making music. Eventually Billy and Liza crossed paths and discovered that they were a commanding musical combination. Their local success provided them with the confidence to pursue music full time and eventually they found themselves in separate successful national bands. Billy and Liza would occasionally cross paths but they never recorded together, that is until now.

"It's About Time" contains thirteen original songs in a variety of musical styles from these two prolific songwriters. Songs range from traditional bluegrass and Americana to reggae and Latino rock. The album draws on the talents of Billy's wife, Jilian Nershi, on harmony vocals, the drums and bass skills of Christian Teele and Chris Engleman of Boulder's E Town band, members of The String Cheese Incident, and other talented musicians from Boulder's blossoming music scene.

Track List:
1- Ten Miles to Tulsa
2- Sweet Tender Lovin'
3- Wrong and Right
4- Shantytown
5- The City Goes By
6- Barstool
7- Smile
8- Happiness
9- Take a Little Time
10- Buggin' Out
11- Style
12- This Time
13- Down a River