Big Ass Truck - Who Let You in Here? CD

Big Ass Truck - Who Let You in Here? CD

Experience the musical jambalaya of Big Ass Truck! They combine bluesy undertones with groovin' rhythms and
a thumping funk backbeat, well-timed samples from a DJ, and varied lyrical styles to create a wholly unique
sound! College rock meets hip hop at a juke joint in the deep south...

Track List:
1- 30 K G's
2- Queenie Come Clean
3- Hands of a Working Man
4- The Neco
5- Taylor, Mississippi
6- Rural Retreat
7- 3X Over
8- Yums
9- Slow Motion Time
10- Fading Fast Fad
11- Here We Go
12- The March of the Dirty Razors
13- 9 Bullets
14- Portugese Man' O War
15- Who Let You in Here?
16- Rascacielo

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