Asylum Street Spankers - Pussycat (live CD)

Pussycat brings devoted Spanker fans a healthy dose of the bands finest live performances! Gathering live rarities from the years 2000 through 2004, the band set out to produce an album of their most unique live songs, and this disc delivers!

1- The Pussycat Song
2- Watching The River Flow
3- Got My Mojo Workin'
4- Home
5- Rumble With Madcat
6- Ring-Tail Tom
7- Smokey Dokey
8- Baby Won't You Please Come Home
9- Since Wammo Met You Baby
10- Dinah
11- Jug Band Music
12- Bluesy Little Tune
13- Whiskey Love Song
14- Topsy
15- You Made The Night Too Long
16- Can't You Tell
17- The Birthday Spanking Song
18- Closer

Released 2005