Assembly Of Dust - 12/29/05 Irving Plaza, New York, NY (2 Cds)

The music Reid Genauer makes with Assembly Of Dust could be labeled "hick funk," and has been compared to the sound of Paul Simon, The Band, and CSNY. With a funky rhythm section and jazzy, refined playing, it's easy to hear why AoD has a reputation for great live shows.

Instant Live recorded a run of 6 shows leading up to NYE 2005, and this is one of those events.

Disc One:
1- Samuel Aging
2- Bootlegger's Advice
3- Valhalla
4- Grand Design
5- Rachel
6- Bus Driver
7- Roads
8- Honest Hour
9- Fountain

Disc Two:
1- Amplified Messiah
2- Speculator
3- 40 Reasons
4- Weehawken Ferry
5- Harrower
6- Sideways Train
7- Man With a Plan
8- Westerly

Released May 2006