Arcade Fire - Funeral CD

Montreal's Arcade Fire brings a theatricality, an intensity, an insanity, and a penchant for amazing hooks to their debut full-length. You've never heard such energy, beauty, and emotion from such a young band. Vocals dodge the straight and narrow, sometimes alone and yelping into David Byrne/Talking Heads territory, sometimes fragile and emotional, and other times bringing male and female voices together to create a special, slightly fractured harmony that makes this band instantly recognizable. The majestic, triumphant sound of the music gives this breakout sensation an immediate feeling of epicness.

1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) mp3
2. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) mp3
3. Une Annee Sans Lumiere mp3
4. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) mp3
5. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) mp3
6. Crown Of Love mp3
7. Wake Up mp3
8. Haiti mp3
9. Rebellion (Lies) mp3
10. The Backseat mp3

Released 9/14/04