Anonymous - Meet Anonymous CD

An Ever-Evolving Experiment in Music: Blending roots rock, reggae, funk, hip hop, electronic wizardry, improv-jam and heady lyrics.

"We are anonymous: We have no identity except for the fact that we exist."

Nearly 4 years in the making, this CD showcases a drastically new and improved sound for - anonymous. With their 2001 debut long behind them, "meet anonymous" begins with an homage to the band's roots, then quickly introduces you to a radically updated new sound.

While this album does well capturing the fun, high-energy spirit that has become of staple of their live shows in North Carolina with songs like "On Top of the World" and the epic album closing "Hangover," meet anonymous also offers listeners a more intimate snapshot and deeper understanding of the band and its growing philosophies with songs like "The Queen" and "Classified."

1. Hi mp3
2. Classified mp3
3. A Big Game mp3
4. Comeback mp3
5. Picnic with Hines mp3
6. The Queen mp3
7. Dub Synth mp3
8. On Top of the World mp3
9. Hangover

Released Jan 3, 2008