ALO - Tangle of Time CD


Jam-packed with freewheeling exuberance and deft songwriting, Tangle Of Time features tracks penned by each of the band's four members who individually take stock in life, love, and family and combine their musings with a healthy dose of humor.

Tangle Of Time is a jubilant collection of songs that evoke the California cool of 70s Pop/Rock while embracing the in-the-moment improv that has propelled the band for almost two decades. Although there is a distinct songwriting voice that can be heard on each track, the band's collective efforts string the album into an unmistakably ALO offering. The first single, a Zach Gill (keys/vocals) led track entitled "The Ticket", offers up the one-two-punch of a synth-filled space-jam while his "There Was A Time" is an accordion driven tale of painting human history by firelight. Dan "Lebo" Lebowitz (guitar/vocals) also provides songs that counterpoint the album. "Undertow" features swirling guitar solos that extend an open-invitation to live improvisation, while "Push" is a jaunty yet thoughtful number with a playful guitar riff that's basically the musical equivalent of joy. Steve Adams' (bass/vocals) "Not Old yet" is a light-hearted romp about keeping a positive perspective on life's long road of hurdles and surprises, and finally, Dave Brogan's (drums/vocals) "Coast To Coast" (co-written with Ben Malan) offers a funky layer-upon-layer soundscape of esoteric textures telling the surreal tale of a band on the run.

Released 10.02.2015