Allman Brothers Band - Jacksonville Beach 1969 CD


Duane and Jaimoe moved to Jacksonville in early March 1969, as Duane had become frustrated with being a "robot" of those at FAME. He invited anyone who wanted to join the jam sessions that birthed the Allman Brothers Band. Dickey Betts, leader of Oakley's previous band, the Second Coming, became the group's second lead guitarist, while Butch Trucks, with whom Duane and Gregg had cut a demo less than a year prior, became their second drummer. The Second Coming's Reese Wynans played keyboards, and Duane, Oakley, and Betts all shared vocal duties. The unnamed group began to perform free shows in Willow Branch Park in Jacksonville, with an ever-changing, rotating cast of musicians. Duane felt strongly his brother should be the vocalist of the new band, as Gregg also played keyboards; but he initially felt intimidated by the other musicians, although he was attending some rehearsals by late March 1969. Despite Gregg not yet a full member, the group agreed on the name The Allman Brothers Band and performed under that name for their first show at the Jacksonville Armory, the only gig they played as ABB without Gregg. Now released for the first time in its entirety on CD, this historic recording, perhaps not the best quality full live show available by this legendary group, is certainly one of the rarest and most sought after.

Track Listing

Don't Want You No More

Rock Me Baby


Born In Chicago

Willie Jean Jam

Born Under A Bad Sign

She Has Funny Cars

Hey Joe

New Shoes Blues

Travellin' Music Jam