Alison Brown Quartet - Replay CD

The Best of The Alison Brown Quartet! Though her roots grow deep into bluegrass soil, Brown is a jazzer at heart and this banjo/piano/bass/drums lineup simply fits her as well as, if not better than, a bluegrass band.

"Alison Brown has raised the art of banjo playing to a higher calling....smashingly original." - StereoReview

Track List:
1- Red Balloon
2- Lorelei
3- Late On Arrival
4- Daytime TV
5- My Favorite Marsha
6- Spiderman Theme
7- The Wonderful Sea Voyage
8- Without Anastasia
9- The Inspector
10- Chicken Road
11- G Bop
12- Etouffe Brutus?
13- Shoot The Dog
14- Mambo Banjo
15- The Promise of Spring