Alex Machacek - [SIC] CD

One of the most stunning guitar records of the year, [SIC] features sensational drummer Terry Bozzio as well as Austrian young guns Mario Lackner and Herbert Pirker on drums, Raphael Preuschl on upright bass, and the beautiful Sumitra on 1 vocal cut. Combining jaw-dropping technique with a fertile imagination and a playful sense of humor, the Austrian six-string phenom has concocted an audaciously brilliant manifesto here. Imagine a composite of Allan Holdsworth's stunning legato chops and advanced harmonic language with Mike Keneally's exacting virtuosity and Frank Zappa's fiercely uncompromising "difficult music" and you're getting close to where this visionary new talent is currently operating.

1- [sic] mp3
2- Indian Girl (Meets Austrian Boy) mp3
3- Miss Understanding mp3
4- Yellow Pages mp3
5- Djon Don mp3
6- Piano mp3
7- Out Of Pappenheim mp3
8- Austin Powers mp3
9- The Ballad Of The Dead Dog mp3

Released August 15, 2006