Acoustic Syndicate - Long Way Round CD

The eclectic Appalachian fusion of "the Syndicate" is given a fresh new start on this album, which is the first of theirs to feature entirely recent material, most of it composed within the past year or so. After wowing crowds at Bonnaroo with a slew of new songs and performing this album in it's entirety at Smilefest 2004, Acoustic Syndicate has put their collective stamp on a whole new kind of song: the acoustic/bluegrass feel is barely hanging on to a sheer cliff of rock, jazz, reggae, and soul influences. Special guest performances from recently added keyboardist Aaron Price and guitarist Mars Fariss!

1- Long Way Round mp3
2- Talk mp3
3- The Blue Bird Train mp3
4- Hypocrite Smile mp3
5- The Rhythm Of Us mp3
6- They Come This Way mp3
7- Carry The World mp3
8- The Pilot mp3
9- Been There Again mp3
10- Bound mp3
11- Wake mp3
12- Just As It Happened mp3
13- A Prayer For Solace mp3

Released 2004