10ft Ganja Plant - Presents CD

Who is 10 Foot Ganja Plant? They are a dub & roots reggae band shrouded in mystery. They hail from the northeast and share members with John Brown's Body. Presents harkens back to a lighter, spirit-lifting time. This is straight up Jamaican dub mixed with the perfect balance of tradition and evolution. These recordings were inspired by the recording process of the great Jamaican studio bands of the 70's (and their American counterparts, Motown and Stax), where a song was potentially written, learned, and recorded by the band in one session. Kick back and watch the plant grow!

Track Listing
1. Chalwa
2. Rebel in the Hills
3. Blues Dance
4. Good Time Girl
5. Sunny Foundation
6. Why Can't They Tell Us The Good News
7. Jah Teach I A Lesson
8. Off Road Version
9. Jah Will Go On
10. Walkey Walk Tall
11. Top Down**
12. Politricking Man**
**bonus tracks

Originally released in 1999, Re-released in June 2007