Product Reviews

On the strength of their latest release, “Not as Far,” Three Legged Fox has poised themselves for wider national recognition with this mature, inspired collection of tracks.
TR3, with legendary guitarist and traveling gypsy Tim Reynolds leading the way, displays versatility and adaptability in a scintillating collection of songs called “Radiance.”
In releasing “The Mad Science,” ToasT has offered up a refined mix of funk, jazz, and jam that will please the discriminating lover of keyboards and guitar.
The Bourgeois Gypsies, in the spirit of the old troubadours, offer an enchanting mix of tunes in this collection of folk songs and swamp ballads.
This album, featuring engaging vocals, likable melodies, and catchy guitar riffs, will please those who like well-crafted, tight songs.
Hammerstrike, with its warm, danceable qualities and rock-n-roll “edge,” adds another chapter to Lotus’ legacy as accomplished studio artists.
Radio Retaliation features the signature sound and dense, imaginative grooves that have catapulted Thievery to the top of the electronic music scene.
Over the years, Jimmy Landry has traveled across the globe garnering experiences that have resulted in a collection of warm, sing-along tunes entitled “New Day.”
David Gans has released a charming, homespun collection of original songs that illustrate his roots in folk and jam rock.
Ray LaMontagne’s release, “Gossip in the Grain,” presents a finely crafted album of wistful ballads and emotive songs that draw from a rich legacy of styles and influences
The Station’s 2008 double disc, “The Speed of Sound – Live at Marly’s” offers two plus hours of ambitious, genre-bending rock and roll.
The moment that Euphonic Brew’s lead track, “Green, Red, Gray, Pink” off the Summer 2008 release, “In a Sea of Stained Glass” starts to spin, one is immediately transported ahead in time…or is it back?